Reduced In-House Compliance Burden

Simplified Administrative Risk & Compliance Processes

Efficient and Tested Compliance Risk Management Plan

Reduced Cost of Compliance

What we do:

RegTech Compliance is a rising global services firm that assists institutions to advice, train, monitor and report on various compliance obligations whilst leveraging regulatory technology and data optimization.

We enable you to future-proof your institution’s Compliance Function or the institution’s compliance as a whole, by applying the risk-based approach of compliance by design. At RegTech Compliance, we empower your institution to identify regulatory risk through data analytics and systemic issues attributed to human or manual processes.

Why we do this:

Our mission is to enable firms in all industry spheres to automate the more mundane compliance tasks and reduce operational risks and costs associated with meeting compliance and reporting obligations.

We guarantee a reduced future cost of compliance as we believe our compliance framework solution, combined with data analytics and machine learning, is the surest way to achieve predicted, unreactive and expedited compliance.

Your one-stop shop:

Compliance at a glance! We provide you with an all-in-one compliance solution for the management and monitoring of compliance risk through automation of regulatory requirements, digitized data and digital risk analytics.

We enable your organization to avoid regulatory fines, penalties and loss of license by getting rid of legacy solutions that rely on manual labor and have failed to keep up with current solution technology standards.